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Here you will find our press releases, dates, technical articles, brochures and photos.
Find out more about new AFOTEK systems in the area of powder coating, wet painting and cathodic dip coating.

The planning was focused on the development of a conceptual special solution for an energy-efficient system, adapted to the requests and needs of the customer.

The video shows the construction in fast motion.

UnbenanntAFOTEK launches a solution for the biological and cost-efficient cleaning of exhaust air streams from paint shops.

150 000 Teile im Jahr

The planning for the construction project started in 2014. In this course, the company wondered if the paint shop could still satisfy the requirements of the medical technology and analyzed the situation.

poma.PNGThe technical center, with a floor area of around 900 m², has two painting booths, each with a robot and dry aspirator, a dryer and a floor conveyor system.

AFOTEK supports the association "Fördergemeinschaft Deutsche Kinderzentren e.V.", founded by parents and doctors, and thus contributes to the progress in pediatrics

RaketeAs general contractor, AFOTEK provides the entire coating technology for the tank segment of the Ariane 6 rocket. The entire technology was developed and tested by AFOTEK as an integrated partner of the ArianeGroup together with specialists from Bremen.

Company Siemens Healthineers invests again in its location in Kemnath by building a new Paint Shop of company AFOTEK. After a construction period of two years the system, which consists inter alia of a wet painting booth, a powder coating booth and several ovens, is now officially inaugurated.

Ansicht Vorn mit Container45LinksDescription of operation:
The SR-185 WF has been developing for separation of paint-sludge and Water.
Its character of operating is flotation.  The main application area is: separation of paint sludge in water sprinkling spray-booth.Water flows through the apparatus horizontal. Water containing paint and coagulation-compound circulates via the inlet pipe  into the apparatus RODAP SR185WF.The apparatus separates the particles of paint from the water; the paint coagulates and floats to the surface of the water. Any residue which accumulates at the base of the apparatus can also be removed from the system. The floating coagulate is ejected by the slide rule in to the residue well. Clean Water returns to the spray-booth by the outlet pipe.  

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