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Ansicht Vorn mit Container45LinksDescription of operation:
The SR-185 WF has been developing for separation of paint-sludge and Water.
Its character of operating is flotation.  The main application area is: separation of paint sludge in water sprinkling spray-booth.Water flows through the apparatus horizontal. Water containing paint and coagulation-compound circulates via the inlet pipe  into the apparatus RODAP SR185WF.The apparatus separates the particles of paint from the water; the paint coagulates and floats to the surface of the water. Any residue which accumulates at the base of the apparatus can also be removed from the system. The floating coagulate is ejected by the slide rule in to the residue well. Clean Water returns to the spray-booth by the outlet pipe.  

to coagulate:
The dosage of coagulation is funded by automatic dispensing – pumps. The proper effect of coagulation - agent  is pre-condition for the effectiveness of the RODAP SR 185WF. The economic efficiency of the entire equipment is directly affected.