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180323 AFOTEK RODAP DSC 8915 EDIT KopieExtraction system for water circulation in paint sprayers, to discharge undesirable sludge from solvent-based and water soluble paints.

Alongside a modern spray booth, effective methods and systems for seperating paint-sludge within the water circulation are becoming increasingly important.

RODAP is an efficient extraction system for removing sludge from solvent-based and water-soluble paints in the water circulation systems of paint sprayers.

The RODAP SR 185 WF works on the principle of partial stream treatment, i. e. only a portion of the circulating water is passed through the RODAP SR 185 WF. The sedimenting sludge is continuously added to the inlet water; this way the sludge is always floating and the device is self-cleaning.

The treated water is recirculated and fed back to the paint system together with the dripping water.

Using coagulants, the paint sludge is prepared for discharge (un-sticking, flocculation). A sludge scraper dumps it into the sludge catcher, from which it can be removed easily and properly disposed of.

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Technical Information:
Capacity:                            600 l
Volumetric flow rate:           80 l/ min
Dimensions ( L x B x H):    190 x 102 x160 cm
  • The device discharges solvent-based and water soluble paints. With correct conditioning it can be also remove grinding dust, for example.
  • The system (discharge, water flow, and collection within the system) has been developed further consistently for more than 20 years.
  • The SR 185 WF features continuous bottom extraction of sediments in the discharge area.
  • This patented bottom extraction comes with no extra energy or effort.

Überheber in BeckenDepending on the polarization of the work piece, the dip coating process is divided into anaphoretic dip coating (work piece resembles anode) and cataphoretic dip coating (work piece resembles cathode).

We provide the following dip coating systems:

  • Conventional dip coating facilities
  • Cataphoretic dip coating facilities
  • Anaphoretic dip coating facilities





As a general contractor, AFOTEK supplies fully automated powder coating systems interlinked with upstream and downstream processes. Energy efficiency and profitability of the plant are always the focus of the planning. Already in the planning and design phase, AFOTEK takes over the interface planning to the adjacent trades on customer request in order to ensure an optimal project flow. For example, AFOTEK develops individual concepts for heat recovery and powder recovery for powder coating plants in order to optimize the plant's operating costs.

Depending on customer requirements, AFOTEK powder coating systems are equipped with automatic and/or manual powder booths including application technology.

As a general contractor, AFOTEK offers a tailor-made plant concept, if required with pre-treatment system, powder baking oven, conveyor technology and heat recovery system. In addition to conventional conveyor technologies, AFOTEK shuttle conveyor technology (ASF) can also be integrated into the systems, maximizing the flexibility of the plant in terms of material flow.

In order to meet AFOTEK quality standards, the majority of the plant technology is manufactured in the company's own factory. For example, pretreatment systems, furnace technology and manual powder booths are manufactured by AFOTEK and delivered to the customer in assemblies, which significantly reduces the assembly time on site at the customer's premises.

The system programming itself is also carried out by in-house, qualified automation technicians and engineers, so that AFOTEK can guarantee optimum support even after the system has been commissioned.

Intelligent system control and intuitive visualization concepts ensure that the powder coating system is controlled as required.

Our AFOTEK service team ensures the continued support of the AFOTEK system even after the start of production.

In addition to the supply of spare and wear parts, individual solutions for maintenance contracts and remote maintenance support are available.

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 1262681Plastics, metal and wood coating facilities have been a key component of our product range since the company's founding.