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Virtual process optimization of painting systems via AFOTEK Paint

3D real time simulations identify flaws early on and optimize the system throughput.

AFOTEK Paint shows the material flow of the painting system virtually in 3D via real time simulation to monitor and optimize various system and process scenarios. Moreover, all up- and downstream processes of the system can be integrated into the simulation, such as upstream assembly lines. This enables the system operator to define and optimize the material flow as well as the output of the painting system or the total plant prior to production start. 

Engl. 1 High QualiAFOTEK Paint within the company process.

AFOTEK Paint is a tool, which is adapted to the needs of the system operator and which allows the simulation of the material flow in different forms (modules).

Eng Module lowModule overview AFOTEK Paint.

The module AFOTEK real time simulation enables the virtual simulation and optimization of the system to virtually simulate, test and optimize various scenarios prior to system realization. Bottlenecks and system throughput can already be identified and optimized during planning phase. Moreover, the module AFOTEK plant planning allows the integration of the total plant into the simulation, including all up- and downstream processes, like upstream assembly lines or high bay warehouses. That way “What if” scenarios and best practice solutions can be identified to optimize not only the processes of the painting system itself but also the total plant. Both modules can be expanded by the module AFOTEK Energy. Within the simulation, this module can detect energy and gas expenses of the painting system to consider in detail heat losses, energy consumptions and thus the operation costs of the system in the context of different scenarios and to optimize them during system design.
AFOTEK real time simulation enables showing individual logistic processes via a digital plant twin.

Optimally, AFOTEK real time simulation already takes place during planning or sales phase and includes the virtual test of different system variations concerning material flow of the painting system. Different planning alternatives get tangible by real time simulation and can be assessed efficiently and constructively. That way, unpredictable effects can be reduced to a minimum during commissioning and during ongoing operation of the systems. Consequently, a sustainable system with reliable forecast values is already developed during planning phase, which predicts the output of the painting system. Furthermore, real time simulation enables the identification of bottlenecks, weaknesses and inefficient processes within the painting system already prior to commissioning, which reduces the commissioning time significantly. Precise guidelines improve the software quality (SPS) in course of project planning. The transparent consideration saves monetary resources in course of the system operation and results in reducing operational costs of the system.


AFOTEK Energy documents the energy consumptions of the various scenarios.

The module AFOTEK Energy enables the expansion of the real time simulation and the plant planning by the simulation of energy consumptions. This enables an individual energy analysis for the different system and production variants under consideration of the customer specifications concerning local energy and gas prices. A calculated control of the processes can reduce energy consumptions. Furthermore, to simulate and optimize the operational costs of the painting system, alternatives to reduce energy consumptions are examined (for example using the emerging waste heat) already in course of this consideration. Finally, an increased environmental awareness leads not only to cost savings for the coating company but also to an image improvement.


AFOTEK plant planning simulates not only the painting system itself but also up- and downstream processes of the system operator.

The module AFOTEK plant planning exceeds the simulation of the painting system and is not only attractive for new plants. With regard to retro fits and system expansions it also makes sense to consider all existing processes of the total plant and to simulate various system versions and expansion stages. That way various system options can be tested and the output of the total plant can be identified via simulation. Expansions and/or modifications can already be tested during planning phase without affecting ongoing production. The plant planning enables identifying best practice solutions and “What if” scenarios for the total plant. The simulation and virtual consideration of the processes can for example avoid empty bars and minimize color changes. Furthermore, they can optimize the feeding and assembly order of the products as well as the storage and outsourcing processes. These virtual optimizations shorten the throughput times of the final product through the total plant and increase the total output of the system operator.

Example for AFOTEK plant planning including determination of energy demand.

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