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AFOTEK real time simulation enables showing individual logistic processes via a digital plant twin.

Optimally, AFOTEK real time simulation already takes place during planning or sales phase and includes the virtual test of different system variations concerning material flow of the painting system. Different planning alternatives get tangible by real time simulation and can be assessed efficiently and constructively. That way, unpredictable effects can be reduced to a minimum during commissioning and during ongoing operation of the systems. Consequently, a sustainable system with reliable forecast values is already developed during planning phase, which predicts the output of the painting system. Furthermore, real time simulation enables the identification of bottlenecks, weaknesses and inefficient processes within the painting system already prior to commissioning, which reduces the commissioning time significantly. Precise guidelines improve the software quality (SPS) in course of project planning. The transparent consideration saves monetary resources in course of the system operation and results in reducing operational costs of the system.