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 Don't let them put you on the chain

With conventional conveyor technology solutions, the entire transport of goods uses one conveyor chain, so that all components travel through the system at the identical, defined conveyor speed. As a result, all workpieces pass through the pretreatment, painting and drying processes with identical cycle times.

In comparison, with the ASF each transport unit has its own drive unit with an individual control unit. Each product carrier can thus be individually controlled as required. This enables variable process speeds within the system on the one hand and reverse travel within the process on the other.

That way, it is possible to drive through the coating cabins systematically at a lower speed and to drive through the plant at high speed on free transport routes. Consequently, processing cycle times of the ASF can be configured independently, resulting in significantly higher efficiency, lower process costs and faster throughput times.

The shuttles can bridge up to 250 mm without transport rails, which means that the conveyor rail can be interrupted, e.g. at fire doors or other fire sections, without restricting transport.


 The advantages of the ASF drive concept: 

  • Speeds, directions of motion and stops are variable and reversible.
  • Buffers allow any retrieval options (e.g. sorting function or use as "bag station")
  • Product carriers can be individually controlled and regulated
  • Different process speeds within the plant possible

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