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Systematic flexibility
The flexibility of the ASF is based on a completely modular rail system with which a wide variety of system layouts can be implemented.
The transport rails consisting of anodized aluminum profiles with internal rollers are the heart of the ASF. Additionally, transport shuttles are used as product carriers, which do not need much greasing, are low-maintenance and run in the transport rails. Depending on the size of the parts, the transport shuttles are custom-made in different lengths from 1 to 8 meters.
Depending on individual requirements, transport rails can be arranged in parallel in parts of the system, for example in the cross transfer magazines, buffers or ovens. That way, a large number of product carriers can be moved simultaneously in the smallest spaces. Cross transport is also possible in this constellation and ensures a closed transport cycle within the system.
Due to the highly flexible, modular design, layouts in almost any size can be realized. The conveyor technology from AFOTEK adapts perfectly to the spatial conditions and customer production processes. This allows compact solutions to be implemented over several floors in confined spaces.
In addition, the ASF can be extended and adapted cost-effectively at any time, since the desired modules, such as buffers or cross transfer magazines, can be easily integrated into the existing system. Overtaking sections can also be retrofitted without any problems.
The advantages of the ASF drive concept:
  • Space-saving design
  • System can be implemented on several levels
  • Expandable conveyor system
  • Fast and uncomplicated installation of the system
Learn more about the ASF in our product flyer - take a look now!