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180323 AFOTEK RODAP DSC 8915 EDIT KopieExtraction system for water circulation in paint sprayers, to discharge undesirable sludge from solvent-based and water soluble paints.

Alongside a modern spray booth, effective methods and systems for seperating paint-sludge within the water circulation are becoming increasingly important.

RODAP is an efficient extraction system for removing sludge from solvent-based and water-soluble paints in the water circulation systems of paint sprayers.

The RODAP SR 185 WF works on the principle of partial stream treatment, i. e. only a portion of the circulating water is passed through the RODAP SR 185 WF. The sedimenting sludge is continuously added to the inlet water; this way the sludge is always floating and the device is self-cleaning.

The treated water is recirculated and fed back to the paint system together with the dripping water.

Using coagulants, the paint sludge is prepared for discharge (un-sticking, flocculation). A sludge scraper dumps it into the sludge catcher, from which it can be removed easily and properly disposed of.

Find out more in our product flyer about RODAP – pdfview now!315.2 kB

Technical Information:
Capacity:                            600 l
Volumetric flow rate:           80 l/ min
Dimensions ( L x B x H):    190 x 102 x160 cm
  • The device discharges solvent-based and water soluble paints. With correct conditioning it can be also remove grinding dust, for example.
  • The system (discharge, water flow, and collection within the system) has been developed further consistently for more than 20 years.
  • The SR 185 WF features continuous bottom extraction of sediments in the discharge area.
  • This patented bottom extraction comes with no extra energy or effort.