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 1262681Plastics, metal and wood coating facilities have been a key component of our product range since the company's founding.









Lackierkabine Okula 32.240 2In the area of plastic coating for

  •  Solvent-based and
  • Water-soluble lacquers,

We belong to the market leaders for several years now. 
Our product range includes the complete scope of machinery and equipment technology, starting with the coating facility to robotic and application technology up to the fire extinguishing system and approval support.
Our facilities are designed both for

  • Interior and
  • Exterior plastic parts matching the vehicle color.

and economically engineered according to customer specifications.



Lackieranlage 2011 01 12 013 kopieThe variety of metal coating is immense.
Whether wheels, axles, welded constructions, facilities technology with

  • Wet separating or
  • Dry separating

Lacquer application

  • Manually or
  • Automatic

 We develop a concept custom-tailored to your requirements.