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Geliertrockner innen PöttingerAfter the powder has been applied, the work pieces with the adhering powder must be passed to the powder baking oven. The baking temperatures vary between 180 °C and 240 °C depending on the type of powder.The dryers are pre-assembled as much as possible allowing the finished elements or components to be delivered to the construction site completely assembled.







P8250005After the work pieces have left the pre-treatment facility, the water particles still adhering to the surface need to be dried. Special interior baffles in conjunction with the heated recirculating air allow the parts to be passed on to drying immediately following the coating process.







Lacktrockner innen Okula 32.240 2Depending on the lacquer system previously processed, lacquer drying is done with varying temperatures and residence times. We hereby work with recirculating air processes and high-quality dryer insulation to keep the energy costs at a minimum.In terms of energy aspects, further consideration must be given to the intake and discharge openings of the oven to keep the energy loss at a minimum by implementing appropriate measures.






DemagInfrared and UV Dryers as alternative to conventional drying processes.

As alternative to conventional recirculating air drying, drying can be achieved by

  • Infrared or
  • UV Radiation
    Attention must be given to the paint systems employed since special UV hardening lacquers must be used for UV Drying.






Kältetrockner Grammer beschnittenWith refrigerant drying, drying takes place at a temperature between 30 °C and 60 °C. The low temperature process utilizes the energy potential from the moist air. The dry air passes through a closed cycle. To achieve an extremely dry climate, the moist air is continually dehumidified in the bypass. Refrigerant drying can be applied both in Continuous flow as well as Chamber driers.










Hordenwagenofen Okula 32.241 2 kopieFor smaller quantity or when movable racks are used, movable rack dryers are employed. The dryer hereby normally consists of a chamber with feeding and discharge door. The work pieces or movable racks are passed into the dryer and remain there for a preset duration. After drying has been completed, the drying chamber is emptied and can now be loaded again