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There is a new product in the product portfolio of AFOTEK Anlagen für Oberflächentechnik GmbH. It is a solution for a Biological Exhaust Air Treatment, which cleans exhaust air streams cost-efficiently and environmentally friendly.
3D Modell
The key component of the biological exhaust air treatment systems are two cylindrical silos filled with a substrate. A moisturizing agent enriched with chemicals and nutrients is then applied.

The microbiological mechanism is based on the use of aerobic bacteria, which biochemically convert the organic, gaseous pollutants into harmless or odourless products to carbon dioxide and water by oxidation.

In contrast to conventional technical solutions for exhaust air treatment, this purely biochemical process requires no external heating power. This allows solvent-charged exhaust air streams to be treated economically without concentrating them further.

  • Low space requirement – the system can also be set up outside. The small space requirement in comparison to conventional solutions notably improves the utilization of plant space.
  • Individually customisable – through the use of modular design, the system can be tailored to meet the needs of the customer; system capacity, size, and volumetric flow rates can be adjusted individually.
  • Low energy costs – no energy input is required to remove pollutants from the air; the treatment occurs solely through bacterial chemical reactions. The energy inputs required for the control of the systems functions and pre-heating of the aqueous solution are negligibly small.
  • Low- maintenance – no disposal of wood chips or similar is required. Through its modular design, the exhaust air treatment system is adapted to the painting facilities of the customer. 

The operating principle of Biological Exhaust Air Treamtent
Find out more in our product flyer about Biological Exhaust Air Treatment – pdfview now! Biological Exhaust Air Treatment.pdf115.72 kB