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For a good basis 

The proper and professional pretreatment of the workpieces is the basis for superior coating quality. During pre-treatment, the workpieces are first degreased and cleaned. Subsequently, a corrosion protection layer or conversion layer is applied, if necessary. Depending on the component and the required pre-treatment process, the components pass through subsequent rinsing zones and, if necessary, are passivated, phosphated and neutralized.

Our product portfolio includes not only classic pretreatment methods such as continuous spraying systems, chamber spraying systems and immersion cleaning systems, but also ionization systems, systems for flame treatment, CO2 cleaning systems and systems for snow blasting

Tauchlackieren-3Workpieces, which have surfaces that are difficult to access, are advantageously treated in immersion cleaning systems. They ensure that not only the external surfaces are treated but also all cavities. This type of pretreatment is particularly recommended for complex geometries where a spray system cannot reach the entire surface.

AFOTEK plans and projects the entire system based on customer-specific products and requirements and develops the optimum concept in cooperation with chemical suppliers concerning the number and length of the process steps.

Steland VBHChamber spraying systems are mostly used within the metal industry. Adjustable nozzles spray a liquid cleaning medium onto the workpieces, which are supposed to be cleaned. Contaminations are thus dissolved and flushed from the workpiece by the energy of the spray nozzles.

In chamber spraying systems, several treatment steps are carried out in one chamber. The workpieces move into one or more chambers, depending on the required throughput and the required treatment steps.

Large quantitiesDurchlauf VBH

The work pieces are suspended directly or hung from racks, attached to a chain conveyor passing with constant speed through the individual pre-treatment zones. Each work step is hereby assigned to a spraying chamber. The chambers are then arranged in series according to the sequence of the work steps.





beflaemmungFlame treatment belongs to the physical surface treatment procedures,particularly of plastics. During flame treatment, the surface is briefly heated with a gas-flame with excess oxygen without beginning to melt the plastic.







DSCI0024Electrostatic surface charges of very many plastics used nowadays lead to surface attraction affecting the particles suspended in the surrounding air.