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Tauchlackieren-3Difficult to access surfaces
Work pieces with difficult to access surfaces are preferable treated with immersion cleaning facilities. The different immersion tanks are usually arranged in series or in a U-shape. The size of the tank depends on the size of the work piece.







Steland VBHFeeding in cycles
With a spraying chamber facility, several treatment steps are performed in a chamber. The work pieces pass into the chamber and are treated there accordingly. Depending on the necessary throughput and the required treatment steps, the number of the chambers can vary.






Large quantitiesDurchlauf VBH

The work pieces are suspended directly or hung from racks, attached to a chain conveyor passing with constant speed through the individual pre-treatment zones. Each work step is hereby assigned to a spraying chamber. The chambers are then arranged in series according to the sequence of the work steps.





beflaemmungFlame treatment belongs to the physical surface treatment procedures,particularly of plastics. During flame treatment, the surface is briefly heated with a gas-flame with excess oxygen without beginning to melt the plastic.







DSCI0024Electrostatic surface charges of very many plastics used nowadays lead to surface attraction affecting the particles suspended in the surrounding air.