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Chamber spraying systems are mostly used within the metal industry. Adjustable nozzles spray a liquid cleaning medium onto the workpieces, which are supposed to be cleaned. Contaminations are thus dissolved and flushed from the workpiece by the energy of the spray nozzles.

In chamber spraying systems, several treatment steps are carried out in one chamber. The workpieces move into one or more chambers, depending on the required throughput and the required treatment steps.
As part of the project planning, AFOTEK equips the spraying system to ensure that the workpieces are optimally flooded from all sides. This includes an offset nozzle system. The workpieces pass through the chamber spraying system hanging on a conveyor, occasionally also laying loosely on a conveyor belt.
Compared to immersion pretreatment systems, significantly shorter treatment times at lower bath temperatures can be achieved due to the additional mechanical effect of the spraying process. In addition, the space requirement is smaller compared to immersion pretreatment plants and the process control is simpler.